Spring 2019 Results

Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta- May 10 and 11, 2019

WN4     14th in Time Trial, 6th in Semi-Final 2, 3rd in Final 3

MJV4     9th in Time Trial, 3rd in Semi-Final 3, 4th in Petite Final

WV4      22nd in Time Trial, 4th in Final 4

MV4      27th in Time Trial, 6th in Final 5

MV8      24th in Time Trial, 6th in Final 4

WJV4     1st in Heat 2, 3rd in Grand Final


New England Rowing Championship- May 4, 2019

M2V4     6th in Time Trial, 5th in Grand Final

M2V8     5th in Heat 1, 1st in 3rd Final

MV8       5th in Heat 1, 1st in 3rd Final

W2V4     1st in Time Trial, 2nd in Grand Final

W3V4     7th in Time Trial, 1st in Petite Final

WV4       9th in Time Trial, 2nd in Petite Final


Dual v. Union College- April 27, 2019

Conditions: 1800m course. Light quartering tailwind. Rainy during first races.

MV8       1st     5:23.4

M2V8     1st     5:39.4

M2V4     1st     6:32.3

MN4       1st     6:29.2

WV8       1st      6:10.9

WN8       1st      6:42.6

WV4       1st      7:02.3

W2V4     1st      6:58.1

WN4       2nd    7:23.8


Riverhawk Challenge- April 20, 2019

Conditions: Floating starts, 12 mph cross wind, moderate tail current. Flat water, but rainy.

M3V4     3rd     6:30.0

M2V8     1st      5:56.3

MN4       1st      6:24.6

MV8       2nd     5:49.9

WV4       3rd      7:19.0     (Heat 1: 1st, 6:55.2)

WN8      2nd     6:52.6

W2V4     1st      7:16.8

WN4       1st     7:33.4


Vermont Cup (Dual v. UVM)- April 13, 2019

Conditions:  ~1750m course. Moderate head current and 4-6mph tailwind during V8+ racing. Heavy head current and 6-10 cross-tailwind during 4+ and N8+ racing. 

MV8     2nd     5:35.7     Note: For MV8, time is imprecise because floating log interfered with finish line.

M2V8   1st       6:05.7

MV4     2nd     6:38.3

M2V4   2nd     7:12.2

MN4     2nd     6:47.9

             3rd      7:16.2

WV8     3rd     6:31.1

WV4     2nd    7:47.1

W2V4   2nd    7:58.7

WN4     3rd     8:15.6

WN8     1st     7:43.1


Big Three Regatta- April 6, 2019

Conditions: 1800m course. Floating start against very strong current. Minimal wind. Flat water.

MV4     2nd     7:29

M2V4   2nd     8:07

M3V4   3rd      8:53

MN4     2nd     8:04

M2N4   2nd     8:59

MV8     1st       6:39

M2V8   1st      7:11

WV4     2nd    8:48

W2V4   1st      9:08

WN4     2nd    9:30

WV8     2nd    8:25

W2V8   2nd    9:36


Recent Results

Head of the Fish- 2018

Mens Lightweight 4+: Gold

54th Head of the Charles Regatta-2018

Womens 4+: 5th 

Mens 8+: 28th 

Quinsigamond Snake Regatta- 2018

Mens Varsity 4+: Silver

Womens Varsity 4+: Silver

Mens Novice 4+: Silver 

79th Dad Vail Regatta

Mens Varsity 4+: 8th, 3rd petite final 

Womens Varsity 8+: 12th

Mens Freshman 4+: Gold, Lindy Cup Champions

53rd Head of the Charles Regatta

The mens 1V4+ placed 7th in field of 40

The womens 1V4+ placed 15 in a field of 36

52nd Head of the Charles Regatta

The mens 1V4+ placed 2nd in field of 43

The womens 1V8+ placed 21 in a field of 28